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Wondrous gift of creationIt is the premise of this site that the horse is a wondrous gift of creation and spiritually and physically perfect in it’s God-given expression.

Horses are not given to this earth solely to be dominated or molded to the convenience of mankind but to be cherished and respected as a gift of inestimable value, not only to all those who enjoy the privilege of their company, but to the Earth itself.

We, the membership will strive to advance, both in word and deed the rights and freedoms of the horse. It is understood that horses, having intelligence and emotion, and a deep love of family, instrumental to the survival of their species, deserve a quality of life that offers friends, freedom, conscientious care and the right to happiness.

As Mother Teresa said: “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations… as soon as you have a pro-peace rally I’ll be there.”

his site invites you to share in the peace, love, joy and celebration of the horse in the hope that by example we will inspire others to do the same.

For visitors we invite you to take a look at our Tour page which showcases samples of the pictures, videos, stories and radio sections that are available to members.

Members, if you have found a way to enjoy true friendship with your horse, tell us about it. We accept stories and videos that illustrate this connection. We also promote alternative riding and training: liberty, bitless, treeless and barefoot, so please share with us your inspirational stories or videos.

In addition, you can use the Questions page to send any questions you may have to Liz and the Herd and interact with them directly. Every once in a while Liz will post some questions that members have previously asked on the Questions page so everyone can learn from her answer.

Loving hugWe also have a Tutorials section for members that offer everything from connecting and communication with your horse, learning herd language, to expanding your consciousness and connection with all life. Members are invited to journal about the lessons and exercises and share their inspirations with Liz so she and other members can benefit from your experience or help you with any questions you might have as well.

There are instructional videos and audio to accompany the tutorials, hundreds of photographs and dozens of Liz’s horse paintings which for members are free to send to friends and downloadable in print quality. If you’d like to spread the word you can download our Natural Horse Friendship logo to put on your t-shirts, hats and totes.

Members will also receive inspirational messages from Liz and the Herd through her regular Newsletter.

This is a site to explore and share the positive feelings and experiences that horses inspire and that special connection that makes them the wise teachers and healers they are. Here we replace ‘training’ with learning. It will be a showcase for ‘man’ to experience a new understanding of what is possible when the ‘man’ is worthy to be considered a friend. As Prima says: ‘You and I can change the world, one mind at a time… Imagine.’

Be the change you would like to see for horses and their people everywhere and we will share our understanding with the world.

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